There is better than what you were used to (daily motivation)

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I was driving down a road that I used to take to get to my previous job when some thoughts occurred to me: we can be living a life that we’re used to, and you think “this is it”. Then, one day something changes and suddenly you’re living a life that’s unfamiliar. It’s as if we were randomly plucked from the life we knew and placed in a life that we have to learn how to live with. I know change happens many times in life but it was this time that I really thought about it. I went from going through the same routine everyday (drive to work, work, go home, sleep, and repeat) to not having that job anymore (they “didn’t have the budget to keep me” so they say) and staying home to find a new job while trying to keep myself busy so I don’t go insane. It really made me think that one day I can be this, and the next day I’m not. You’re left with who you really are and how you handle life. I had to get used to waking up the next day without a job, spending hours searching for jobs and applying online, feeling helpless, and figuring out what to do with the rest of my free time to stay busy; it was a life that took some time getting used to, a life that I wasn’t familiar with.

This experience reminded me of this: everything we have on this earth is temporary and isn’t really ours. That job can end, that relationship can end, that car can break down, etc. Times like these allow us to redirect our focus, on ourselves and where we want to be in the future, and learn how to make the most of what we have at the moment. Sometimes we don’t see it in the moments when we think about how unfair life is but we are so capable of adapting to any kind of change, and life is so much kinder when we realize that. The good part is that we were plucked from a place that could no longer serve us any good to be placed in a place that deserves all that we are and a place that we deserve. I eventually found the right job after going through many unsuccessful interviews, and this will definitely be a new change that I have to get used to again, but it’s proof that better things are ahead and better things are meant for you.

There is greatness ahead if we are willing to believe that, and you will be able to adapt to the life that is becoming even better.


K. Fay


Change of scenery (daily motivation)


It’s hard when you’re in a period where you’ve been waiting, trying hard to keep the faith while doing your part in life but it feels like your life is showing the same scene on repeat as if God didn’t want to change the movie showing on the projector screen. But then one day it all changes. After walking through the never-ending desert or forest, tired out of your mind, having already accepted your sad fate, you finally find a change of scenery and it’s beautiful. All of a sudden your struggles were worth it.

It might take what feels like forever for your blessing to come but it will come; not on time but in the right time. Rest assured and enjoy your current scenery knowing that the best will arrive and that what’s yours will not escape fate’s hands. Waiting just allows space to be created for something new to emerge, something more beautiful to grow in its place. Embrace everything that you’re experiencing right now because it’s all part of the plan. When the good finally happens (and it will), it will hit like a sunbeam and you’ll radiate thankfulness and then you’ll remember all the times you doubted yourself (wishing you didn’t). God’s got your back. All you need to do is have faith.

K. Fay

Flower garden (daily motivation)


We don’t realize how hard we’re being on ourselves when life is hard. We don’t have a 100% bounce back rate at time of issue. We mourn our existence for awhile until the issue goes away. But life is meant for you and for you to enjoy, even in the unfortunate circumstances. We forget the simple things that we still have (the taste of fresh coffee in the morning, the ability to read a good book, the unlimited air, the hug from a loving partner that tells you he/she will always be there) despite whatever is going on. Life is always smiling at you even when you feel like you’re not standing your tallest, not shining your brightest, or when you feel like life is plucking away your petals one by one. You are still a pretty flower of God’s garden, worthy of everything good.

– K. Fay

When waiting becomes misery


Have you ever felt like you’ve had a bad day, week, and month for the past three months? I keep wondering, when will I wake up from this nightmare or get rid of this cloud above my head or get off of this rollercoaster ride or make it out on the other side? I feel unlucky to be alive. I’m starting to think that I’m not meant to be in this city. I’m shopping for plane tickets out of this country. I want to scream and cry out to God but I don’t think he’ll hear me since it seems he hasn’t heard my prayers so far. Am I supposed to see a sign? Something that will make me see what I should do? Is this supposed to teach me patience and perseverance? Am I supposed to learn a lesson to pass this season? Because all I’m learning is that waiting is suffering and that waiting brings nothing. How much longer can one persevere? Good news is overdue for three months now. Maybe my destiny got lost on its way or maybe it doesn’t want to find me.

The waiting


Right now, or for awhile now, you might be waiting for something; something to happen or someone to happen. I’m waiting for an opportunity. Like I, you might feel like you’re being overlooked, forgotten, left to die walking forever in the desert. If only we could see what is ahead. Maybe then we could feel more reassured on this journey knowing that all the waiting will indeed lead to what we were ultimately waiting and hoping for. Sadly, all we can do is see the now and now doesn’t look so hopeful. To all of those struggling in the waiting, your time will come.